Landfill is quite literally the reason we exist. The beauty industry generates over 120 billion pieces of plastic packaging each year and the vast majority of that isn’t recycled. We set out to make high quality cosmetics in completely plastic free packaging. We’ve considered every element, ensuring they can all be easily composted or recycled without specialist programs.  There is zero plastic, anywhere. No tubs, no lids, no seals, no nothing.

Here is a step by step guide to ensure our products are correctly disposed of so they can be recycled fully.  Circular and plastic free. 

All our formulations are packaged in aluminium, glass and sustainable timber. Our outer packaging is all 100% recycled and recyclable and our custom tissue paper is acid free, FSC certified and printed with soy based inks (rather than petroleum based inks, which might be faster to dry, but they leave nasty chemicals behind and add to air pollution).  

Outer packaging, thank you card and tissue paper

Our mailing boxes, product boxes and tissue paper are made of 100% recycled and recyclable paper. And because we use paper tape, you don’t need to remove that before recycling. 

Simply flat pack these and pop them in your paper recycling bin.

Dew Tint & Velvet Eyeshadow

These tins are 100% aluminium. They can be infinitely recycled and do not lose quality throughout the process. Please make sure you wipe out any excess product and throw them into your mixed recycling kerb-side bin. 

High Glow Highlighter

High Glow comes in a glass jar with an aluminium lid. All 100% recyclable.

Simply open the lid and pop out the cork liner which you can throw into your compost or green bin. 

Make sure it’s clean, screw the lid back on and throw it into your mixed recycling kerbside bin.

Bright Stripe Eyeliner 

Our eyeliner pencils are all made with sustainable timber, so your sharpener shaving along with the pencil stump can be thrown into your compost or green bin. 

Forever Makeup Rounds

Our rounds are made of bamboo cotton which is biodegradable. If your rounds are looking worse for wear, pop them in your compost bin.

The boxes are 100% recycled cardboard and can be placed in your paper recycling bin.  

Love makeup & hate plastic?

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